Total Body Photography

Total Body Photography is a technique which uses photography to provide a baseline of what lesions you have on your skin. Reference to this baseline set of photographs allows early detection of lesions which may be cancers even before they look like cancers. Repeat photography may be necessary depending on your age, skin changes, and other factors.

We use high quality photographic equipment to do a sequence of studio quality photographs to image all of your skin. The photo shoot is conducted by one of our highly trained nursing staff, who will work with you to obtain the photographs while still retaining your modesty!

With the knowledge of what sorts of lesions should grow at various ages, and at what rate, we can identify potential cancers before they look like cancers. This is particularly useful for melanoma.
All photographs are kept on a secure hard drive, with advanced firewall protection. They are only accessed when you attend for your next skin check.

Total Body Photography is useful across the age span, but particularly useful for those people with many moles at any age, and for anyone after the age of 40 years.

Approximately five percent of melanomas are detected by the use of Total Body Photography.